Hot Lunch Program

Welcome to Concordia Academy’s Dining Services 2023-2024

We strive to support CA families by providing healthy nourishment to keep students focused and ready for success.  

Please read this information carefully regarding the lunch program for the upcoming year, as there are some changes from previous years and some actions are required to participate. 

  1. Students will not pre-order lunch. Instead, they will need to have funds in their Boonli Wallet to purchase a lunch from the Cafeteria Serving Area.  A separate a la carte Store will also be available, and students need to have funds in their Boonli Wallet for a la carte purchases, as well.  
  2. See instructions below to set up an account for your student in Boonli and add funds to the Wallet to pre-pay for any cafeteria or a la carte purchases.  (Any unused funds will be credited at the end of the school year or may be rolled over to the following year.)
  3. Students wishing to purchase lunch will enter the Cafeteria Serving Area and have their student IDs scanned.  The lunch cost of $6 will be deducted from the student’s Boonli Wallet, and the student will proceed through the Cafeteria Serving Area to select from:
    • Hot entrée of the day
    • Soup/Salad Bar with bread
    • Variety of pre-made salads, power bowls, sandwiches, or wraps with chips

      All meal options include fruit, beverage (water or milk), and dessert. 
  4. Supplemental items will be available for purchase at the a la carte Store.   This will include items such as fruit cups, nuts, vegetable packs, cheese, yogurt, hummus, sports drinks, dessert items, chips, and more.  All purchases must be pre-funded through the Boonli wallet.  No cash or other forms of payment will be accepted.  
  5. Users will receive an email when their wallet balance drops below $20.   Please act promptly to add funds so that lunch service is not interrupted. 
  6. The daily cafeteria menu will be available at the top and botom of this page.  If you have specific dietary requirements, please reach out to Julie Lynch ( to discuss possible accommodations.  

Instructions for setting up a Boonli account:

  • Go to (Please bookmark this page.)
  • Click “Create an Account.” The password is “CA1”.
  • Enter your information and click “Submit.”
  • Enter information for your students by clicking “Add Profile.” Repeat this step for any additional students.
  • Click “I’m Done.” You can now sign in.

Thank you for participating in our school lunch program!