The arts are alive and thriving at Concordia Academy. High school is a time to develop existing artistic skills while continuing to discover other means of expression. At Concordia Academy, there are many opportunities built in to the curriculum to encourage that exploration of the arts.

Because of the value placed on education in the arts, Concordia offers a variety of award-winning fine arts classes covering vocal music, instrumental music, visual arts, and dramatic arts. The instruction is built into the school day, placed alongside core classes such as science and literature, to facilitate balanced brain development.

Students often graduate with more than the required fine arts credits needed as they discover new interests and talents. On average, over 80% of the student body is enrolled in an arts class during a semester. Regardless of entry skill level, Concordia students will be able to experience the arts in a nurturing and encouraging community.

For advanced students who wish to develop talents in the visual and performing arts with a career emphasis, we offer an Emerging Artists Curriculum. This arts-focused curriculum acknowledges and affirms the notion that students headed for a career in the arts need a special program designed with them in mind.