Theology Classes

The opportunity to regularly be immersed in the study of God’s Word is one of the blessings that fundamentally sets Concordia Academy apart from many other high schools.

CA’s theology curriculum covers the Old Testament, New Testament, world religions, and great theological thinkers throughout history. Instructors provide a strong Biblical foundation and then seek to make direct connections between Scripture, students’ personal spiritual lives, and the grind of daily life. This happens through personal reflective writings, engaging class discussions, Bible study, service opportunities, group projects, seminars, roundtable dialogues, and regular prayer.

Theology Classes

Scripture and Life I (Grade 9)
The Old Testament is the story of God’s unfolding plan for humanity’s salvation. Throughout the course of this history God created and molded a people to pave the way for salvation that was realized in the person and work of Jesus. In this class we study the people, themes, and events that reveal the true nature of God, His love for creation, and His desire to live again in perfect harmony with his people.

Scripture and Life II (Grade 10)
Scripture & Life II emphasizes the New Testament. In this course, students will study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospels. Finally, along with an overview of Acts, selected Epistles will be studied.

Scripture and Life III (Grade 11)
Students taking Scripture & Life III will experience a thorough Biblical study of the Gospel of John and Revelation. This course also takes an in-depth look at the major religions of the world. Further, students will have an independent opportunity to study New Testament documents, memorize Scripture, and take advantage of service opportunities.

Scripture and Life IV (Grade 12)
The purpose for Scripture and Life IV is to make the direct connection between the student’s spiritual life and the daily grind of life. More specifically, it is to see one’s entire existence as spiritual and a life to be lived in response to the constant presence of God.

C.S. Lewis: His Life and Writings (Grades 11-12)
This one-semester course is designed specifically for those students who wish to probe the creative and provocative mind of C.S. Lewis through a study of several of his more prominent works. During this elective theology course, students will explore Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, and Out of the Silent Planet, along with selected readings from The Chronicles of Narnia series in a seminar classroom setting. Emphasis will be placed on substantial reading and in-depth dialogue and writing to evaluate, analyze, and enjoy these works. (Prerequisite 3.00 GPA).