Are you looking for a school where academics is interwoven with faith, character development, athletics, unique extracurriculars, and opportunities for your teen to grow and explore? Perhaps you want your teen to receive more support from their teachers, smaller classrooms, or have the chance to be known. As a parent, you want the best high school experience for your teen because you know how this season will impact their success, both now and in the future.

We want the same! At Concordia Academy, ensuring your teen’s success is our highest priority. For most families, the high school years will be their final opportunity to help their teen with academic and spiritual formation before they leave the nest. You want your teen to make the most of this time by making meaningful friendships and feeling confidently prepared for college and their future. High school is only experienced once, and we want to give them the experience of a lifetime.

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What will your teen’s experience look like at Concordia Academy?

As a parent, we know you have a desire to see your teen grow into their God-given potential while developing the discipline to carry their passions to success. At Concordia Academy, our Christ-centered approach to education coupled with a rigorous college-prep focus helps your teen be set up for success. We know there are only a few years left at home, and at Concordia, we want to help your teen make the most of that time.

9th grade

Freshman Year

Freshman year comes with a new atmosphere, new friends, and a more intense course load. At Concordia, we strive to help your freshman feel at home so they can begin laying the foundation for the next three years. Your teen will be able to take AP classes, engage in cohort activities, begin college discussions, and develop and explore their God-given abilities and talents.

10th Grade

Sophomore Year

Our dedicated guidance counselors meet with sophomores to work on course selection, college exploration, honors classes, preparing for upcoming standardized testing, and resume tips. Sophomores can take on leadership roles to develop social and emotional skills by engaging in Family Life Groups and as a student ambassador.

11th Grade

Junior Year

Juniors have a busy year with standardized tests, college prep, exploration of leadership opportunities, and undeveloped passions they may want to pursue as a career through our cohorts — all while balancing college classes. Concordia offers guidance and academic services, along with our Resource Room. Juniors will visit college campuses and meet with admission representatives.

12th Grade

Senior Year

Seniors will fill out college and scholarship applications and receive academic guidance to talk through their options. Your teen will have access to academic, career, and personal help through our Counseling Office. Seniors who are involved in one of Concordia’s Cohorts will complete an internship, enter their project and papers in a regional science fair, complete their capstone project pieces, and give a public presentation. Learn more about the senior experience at Concordia.

Why Families Choose Concordia


Whether your teen is coming in as a freshman or transferring as a senior, our small class sizes, dedicated teachers, and rigorous curriculum are laid out to set your teen up for success. Our college-preparatory curriculum is taught from a biblical worldview, and our on-campus college classes, cohorts (STEM, Fine Arts, and Humanities), and technology are designed to make your teen feel ready and excited about their future.

Spiritual Life

Each of our students belongs to one of our Family Life Groups, providing opportunities for Bible study, fellowship, and prayer. Theology classes allow students to grow spiritually through the seminar, and our annual Vision4Life program helps students live out their faith through service days.

Leadership Opportunities

Your teen will nurture their leadership skills inside and outside the classrooms. Students participate in chapels through our student praise team and have the unique opportunity to serve 1st-4th graders on Saturday mornings through our Beacon Buddies. Our Vision4Life offers your teen the opportunity to serve our community.


75% of our students participate in at least one team sport before graduating from Concordia. As a parent, you know athletics benefits your teen’s physical health, but we want to go even further — CA seeks to develop discipline, teamwork, commitment, victory, and how to handle defeat. Athletics cultivate strong character and offer leadership opportunities.


There are ample opportunities for your teen to delve into their God-given abilities and passions and explore new talents they may not even know they have. Theatre, Global Partners, iCACTUS (Concordia Academy Cyber Technology United Students), Bible studies, and clubs allow your teen to experience different possibilities. 

Student Life

Rest assured that CA’s students will be encouraged, supported, motivated, and have plenty of fun. Whether playing on the athletic fields, singing in a musical production, praying in chapel, or walking through the hallways, as a Beacon, we know excellence honors God and inspires people.


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When you ask your high schooler what was the best part of their day and the response is ‘Scripture,’ followed by them sharing the class discussion topic that day, you know that the choice to send your child to a Christian school has been validated. Concordia Academy actually gets kids to think about what really matters in life. My daughter has been able to excel academically, participate as a three sport athlete, and develop leadership skills through opportunities provided in class, in sports, and through community partnerships. Concordia Academy truly is a blessing to our family!

-Amy Zenda-Johnson
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