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High school is a very formative period of life. The academic program at Concordia Academy is designed to help teens reach their God-given potential in the classroom and beyond. Our students enjoy an engaging core curriculum, a wide variety of interest-based electives, and a challenging early college program. When they graduate, they are more than equipped to thrive in higher education or their chosen next step. What’s more, they’ve had opportunities to explore their unique talents and strengths, discovering where they truly shine.

Concordia students forge their own path.

High schoolers thrive when they get to enjoy autonomy in the learning process. This is why we created Concordia Cohorts. If your child is into visual or performing arts, they can sign up for our Emerging Artists Curriculum and turn their passions into career possibilities. If they are advanced in science and math, they can join our specialized STEM program, which equips them for further study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, and medicine. Our Humanities Scholars enjoy a rigorous curriculum that enhances critical thinking skills and prepares students for careers that will impact society. Still not sure about future plans? No problem — many high school students sign up for a variety of different electives to explore their opportunities.

A cutting-edge education for 21st century leaders.

We embrace the latest technology and a project-based learning approach, which equips students as innovators and strong communicators. High school students invent, create, and explore in our ICE Lab, which is a technology-rich environment designed to foster creativity. The lab has sparked student interest in CAD design, 3D printing, molecular gastronomy, sequencing music with digital audio workstations, and many other fields.

Early college without sacrificing a meaningful high school experience.

Unlike most high schools, which offer students the chance to take college classes off-site, Concordia Academy offers over 100 credits of college classes taught on campus by professors who travel to CA daily. This allows students to earn college credit and get a jump start on their degree while remaining in a close-knit community with teachers and peers who feel like family. 

A Christ-centered approach to education.

Concordia’s faculty and staff help students make connections between what they are learning and God’s truth, fostering spiritual maturity alongside academic growth. We recognize that every student is created uniquely by God and honor diverse learners through programs like our Resource Room — an environment where students with academic challenges receive academic support and develop self-advocacy skills that will benefit them throughout high school and beyond.

Words from a CA Family

"CA has been an excellent fit for our two oldest children. Both have been Student Ambassadors, built great relationships with friends and teachers, and flourished in sports. As a parent of a senior during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I know that the CA staff and teachers have done an incredible job!  They have reached out and personally called each family, they have shared daily devotions, they have stayed connected through social media, and they have been successful at continuing to provide a high quality of education through distance learning." 
--The Ursel Family

Ready to learn more?

Please take the next step in exploring our high school by taking a virtual tour, or scheduling a private in-person visit. We look forward to meeting you! 


Concordia Academy is accredited by AdvancEd (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement) and National Lutheran School Accreditation.