Imagine. Create. Explore.

Our ICE Lab is a high-tech learning environment built for students to engage imagination with fabrication and to collaborate with others while developing 21st Century skills. Students enrolling in the ICE Lab courses are imaginative, inventive, curious, and independent thinkers.

As a hands-on, project-based curriculum, the ICE Lab is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutting capabilities, a CNC mill, and a waterjet with access to highly specialized CAD/CAM software. Projects have unlimited potential, and the ICE Lab has drawn students interested in music technology, computer hardware construction, and manufacturing design. It’s all here in this exciting makerspace.

After taking our ICE Lab I class and learning the basics of the cutting-edge equipment that’s available, students can enroll in ICE Lab II, where they are empowered to work more independently and receive access to the ICE Lab outside of regular class hours.