Support CA

Concordia Academy is God’s school, a place where daily we have the privilege to share the love of Christ with all of our students in each of their classes. It is a truly awesome responsibility.

Taking God’s school to levels of excellence is not a simple task, and it is not one that we can do by ourselves. We need many individuals to help us do all that our God is calling us to do. First and foremost, we seek prayers for this school and for the young people and their families who see and believe that God is touching their lives daily. We also humbly ask for financial support of this ministry. Tuition only covers a portion of our operating expenses, and each year more families seek financial aid and scholarships. Your gift could be the difference between a student being able to attend CA and having to seek another school.

God has called us to higher levels of excellence, both academically and spiritually. If you’d like to give an online gift to CA, visit our donations page. If you would like to discuss partnering with CA so that we can continue to grow, please contact me. I would love to share details of how your gift could make a difference in the lives of our students!

In Christ,

Tim Berner
(651) 796-2677