Resource Program

Concordia Academy’s Resource Program ministers to students with learning challenges by growing them in their faith, academics, and personal achievement. Through this program, CA honors God through excellence by including students of all types in a traditional Christian education.

The goal of the Resource Program is to create more confident, independent, and motivated learners who will follow the path that God has purposefully planned for their future. This is accomplished by direct support to students, parents, and teachers.

Students can expect

  • Christian counsel
  • one-on-one tutoring
  • education, support, and communication of educational challenges
  • exercise in self-advocacy
  • instruction in varied learning strategies
  • instruction in self-management
  • development of organization, study, and test-taking skills
  • daily monitoring and encouragement of progress
  • preparing for post-secondary options

Parents can expect

  • connection with supportive agencies
  • assistance with disability testing
  • additional communication with teachers
  • personal supportive strategies

Teachers receive

  • assistance in exploring additional perspectives regarding learning challenges
  • training in alternative practices to meet the various needs of students
  • support in creating instructional content goals that motivate students and increase and accountability of students towards those goals
  • a supportive connection with parents and students

What students are saying about CA’s Resource Room

Being in this program has really stretched me in areas of struggle and has molded me in to the woman of faith I am today.

The Resource Room helps me become more confident because I can be one-on-one with the teacher.

The Resource Room is a cool and sweet place. School sometimes is a struggle, so they help me with my writing, reading, and math. It’s also helped make my faith stronger.

Resource helps me to get a better understanding of the material in my classes. I look forward to devotions during Resource to help my faith and keep me positive.

For more information on Concordia Academy’s Resource Program, please contact our Admissions Office at or 651-796-2679.