Register for Elementary and Middle School Sports

Although Concordia Academy is a high school offering Grades 9-12, we are proud to offer special athletics programs for Twin Cities-area students in elementary and middle school. Registration is now open for our BEAMS football team for 7th and 8th grade boys, and registration for our Beacon Buddies Saturday soccer camp for girls and boys in Grades 1-4 will open soon.

BEAMS stands for Beacon Elementary And Middle School, and the program is designed to offer 5th-8th Grade students opportunities for athletic growth and competition that will complement…not replace…the sports offerings at their current schools. Programs include football, boys and girls basketball, and track. Click here for details and registration.

Beacon Buddies offers a variety of athletic camp options on Saturday mornings for our youngest future Beacons in 1st-4th grade, including soccer in the fall and basketball in winter. Click here for details.

At Concordia Academy, we believe that discipline, teamwork, commitment, victory, and even defeat can provide rich opportunities to cultivate strong character in athletes. Our coaches are committed to this cultivation of character. This commitment is equaled only by the commitment to fully develop the athletic talents of each of our athletes. We believe that excellence in athletics honors God and blesses athletes.