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Concordia Academy annually awards a number of scholarships to qualified students. If you have questions about any of the following scholarships, please email or call the Admissions Office at 651-796-2679.

To download a PDF of our scholarship information, click here.

Leadership In Action Scholarship

Award Amount: $2000   |   Deadline: May 1
The Leadership in Action Scholarship is awarded to students who are involved in their school, serve their communities, and strive to reach their highest potential.  Recipients have a desire to significantly and positively impact their community (school, team, church, etc.) through strong leadership and acts of service.  This is a one-time award of $2000.
Acceptance Criteria:  
•    Recipients must show strong leadership skills and work ethic in academics, athletics, service and/or the arts.
•    8th Grade GPA of 3.2 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).
•    Must be a new freshmen at Concordia Academy
How to Apply:  The application includes an essay topic (describe a leadership experience in which you made a difference in your school or community), extra-curricular resume, and transcripts submission.   A letter of recommendation is also required. Click here to be directed to a secure page with the online application.

Beacon Merit Award

Award Amount: $1000   |   Deadline: May 1
The Beacon Merit Award is based primarily on the applicant’s academic achievement.  Award winners must have excellent academics while also being a well-rounded individual, involved in a variety of interests.  This is a one-time award of $1000.
Acceptance Criteria:  
•    Must be a new Concordia Academy freshman student
•    Have an 8th Grade GPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
•    Submission of complete transcripts
•    A resume that details extra-curricular involvement
How to Apply:  The application includes an essay topic (explain what you think it means to be a Beacon), submission of extra-curricular resume, and transcripts. Click here to be directed to a secure page with the online application.

The Ken Selle Memorial Scholarship

Award Amount: Varies between $500-$1000   |   Deadline: May 1
The Selle Memorial Scholarship was established in the memory of Mr. Ken Selle, who was a social studies teacher and guidance counselor at Concordia Academy from 1979 until his death in 1988.  This scholarship is awarded to Lutheran grade school graduates who have demonstrated academic success in their Lutheran school.
Acceptance Criteria:  
•    Must be a attendee/graduate of a Lutheran grade school
•    Have an 8th Grade GPA of 3.25 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
•    Submission of complete transcripts through the 3rd quarter of 8th grade
•    Have completed the scholarship application and essay
How to Apply:  The application includes a general application, an essay topic (explain how academic excellence is an important part of Christian education), and transcripts submission. Click here to be directed to a secure page to apply online.

Concordia Academy Alumni Scholarship

Award Amount: $1000 per year  |  Deadline: August 1
The Concordia Academy Alumni scholarship is awarded to students who have one or both parents who are alumni of Concordia Academy.  
Acceptance Criteria:  
•    Can be a new or continuing Concordia Academy student
•    One (or both) parents must be alumni of Concordia Academy
•    Must go through the admissions process and be accepted 
How to Apply:  During the admission and enrollment process, the student must indicate on their application that a parent is an alumni of Concordia Academy.

International Student Award of Excellence

Award Amount: $500 per year   |  Deadline: June 1
Our International Student Merit Award is a scholarship given to our top academic performing international students.  Recipients display key values of Concordia Academy, including exemplary academics, are involved in the school community,
and are a blessing to fellow students and staff. 
Acceptance Criteria:
•    A GPA of 3.5 or Higher
•    Continuing their studies at Concordia Academy the following year
•    Active part of the Concordia Academy community
•    Are of good character and are in good standing with Concordia Academy
How to Apply:
No application is required, as this is a GPA-based scholarship.
At the end of the year, the registrar will alert the International Student Success Team of any student that may qualify for the International Merit Award.  Award recipients will be notified by the last day of school if they will receive the award for the following year.

Robert and Edna Harshberger Scholarship

Award Amount: varies   |  Due Date: June 1
This permanent fund was established by a gift from Robert and Edna Harshberger, long-time members of Gethsemane Lutheran Church.  The fund provides scholarships for Gethsemane members who attend or would like to attend Concordia Academy.  
Acceptance Criteria:
Applicants are chosen for awards based upon active participation in worship, involvement in ministry within their school, community and church, and completion of an essay topic chosen by the award committee.
How to Apply:
A scholarship application can be obtained from the Gethsemane Lutheran Church office after January 1st of each year.  The application must be completed and returned to the Business Administrator by May 26, 2017 for the following school year.