Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teachers Conferences will be held Monday, October 16 and Tuesday, October 17 from 12:00-8:30 pm. Parents are encouraged to sign-up early for best selection.

You may schedule your conferences online at beginning Wednesday, September 27, at 6:00 am.  If you have difficulty with the online scheduler, check out our FAQ and directions below, or you may email us at

Conferences are scheduled in 12-minute blocks, but no extra time is given to get to your next appointment. Back-to-back conferences are allowed, but you’ll want to finish with enough time to make it to your next appointment. In some cases, you may wish to leave an empty block between conferences to allow for plenty of “travel time.

Please do not schedule conferences for any college classes. As is the case on any college campus, students (or parents) are encouraged to speak with teachers or professors about their classes at any time during the semester. We want to keep all Parent-Teacher Conference slots available for high school classes.  

Also, please note that the system will only allow one conference per student per teacher. If parents are in separate households, the scheduling system will not allow both parents to set up individual conferences with the same teacher. Parents will need to attend conferences together or set up a separate additional time outside of the conference days.

Online scheduling will close at 12:00 Noon on Friday, October 13.

Reminder: go to to schedule your conferences. The scheduler opens at 6:00 am on Wednesday, September 27.

​Directions for Scheduling Conferences

Login to the conference scheduler using this link:

New Users: Register by clicking “Login/Create Account”.

Complete the required fields and click “OK” to register.

Returning Users: Enter your email and password. If you have forgotten your password, select the “Forgot Password” button and a new password will be emailed to you.

For your first child:

1. Enter the first name and last name of your child, with NO SPACE between (firstname lastname) in the top field. Be sure to enter the names as given in Educate/Cornerstone, with NO space between them.  For example, Mr. Franklin prefers “Ben,” but for this it’s “Benjamin”, thus you would type in “benjaminfranklin” or “BenjaminFranklin”.

2. Enter the birthdate using 2 characters for each of the month, day, and year (mm/dd/yy) in the lower field.

Once you log in, you will see three columns. The first column shows your child’s teachers, each represented with a different color.

The second column displays the times each teacher is available (scroll down for Thursday). Click on a timeslot to reserve it. That time will turn black. Click “Create Appointment”.

Additional children can be added using the third column and repeating the process.

At the top of the same page, select “Printable schedule” to print all your scheduled conferences on the same page.

You also have the option to email the schedule to yourself. Printed schedules and room maps will also be available at school the day of your conference.

To change your schedule, login and click “Your Schedule.”

If you have questions about the signup process, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you can’t find the answer you need there, email ​

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if the online scheduler does not load correctly?

Be sure your internet browser is current or try a different browser.  Pick-a-Time works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.  If you still have difficulty, email us here.

What is the “Security Value”?

The security value helps verify the correct student is being added to your schedule.  The security value is the child’s birthday in the format mm/dd/yy.  Ex. June 7, 2004 would be entered as 06/07/04.

If my child has the same teacher for multiple classes, or I just feel I need extra time, can I schedule more than 1 appointment with a teacher for my child?

In an effort to accommodate as many parents in our conference schedule as possible, only one appointment is allowed with a teacher for each child, even if your child has more than one class with a particular teacher.  If more time is needed, please make special arrangements with your child’s teacher.

If parents are in separate households, the scheduling system will not allow both parents to set up individual conferences with the same teacher. Parents will need to attend conferences together or set up a separate additional time outside of the conference days.

Will I receive confirmation of my appointments?

A confirmation email will be sent for booked appointments.  You’ll also have the options to add the conferences to your calendar, print out your schedule, and have your schedule emailed to you.

Can I print my conference schedule?

After scheduling your conferences, an option will be presented to print your complete schedule.  Printed schedules will also be available at the check-in table when you arrive.

Will a reminder email be sent prior to my appointments?

A reminder email will be sent prior to your appointments.

Will I need to know my child’s ID number?

No.  Enter your child’s first name + last name (no space between) as shown in Educate.  Note that some students may use a different common name.  Ex: “Ben Franklin” may be “BenjaminFranklin” (no space between first and last names).   Your child’s birthday will be required and must be entered with two digits for each of the month, day, and year.

How can I change or cancel an appointment?

Instructions if you are on a computer: At the top of the screen (above the grid of colored boxes that show your student’s name and teacher availability), you should see your scheduled times and buttons to cancel or change the time next to each listing. 
Reschedule Screen on Desktop

Instructions if you are on a mobile device: The green menu/navigation bars to the left of your name at the top of the screen will give you options, one being “Your Schedule.” If you click on that option, you will see each appointment you have made with buttons you can press to (in order of appearance): 1) cancel 2) see appt detail or 3) reschedule.  The reschedule option will bring you back to the list of classes (with colored boxes) and will show the existing appointment blacked out. However, once you select a new box, it will ask if you want to confirm and schedule a new time slot. 

Reschedule Screen on Mobile Device

Appointments may be changed or canceled online until 12:00 Noon on Friday, October 13.  For cancellations after that, please email

How much “passing” time will I have to get to my next appointment?

Passing time between appointments is part of the 12 minutes allowed for the conference.  Teachers will make every effort to stay on schedule and complete the conference in time, but keeping your conference to 10 minutes or less will allow time to pass to your next appointment.

How secure is the data?

PickAtime uses 128-bit SSL encryption for data transmission. Their servers are in a high security data center and access is restricted to only the few who maintain the system.

How do I create an account in PickATime?

Enter your email address and press the Login / Create Account button. On the next page you will be able to either register as a new parent in the system or enter in your password from a previous time. Occasionally we will purge all stored parent data at the start of the school year; in this case even if you used the pickAtime scheduler previously you will need to register again.

I can’t remember my password. How can I sign in?

On the Scheduling page, click on the Forgot Password button. You will receive an email shortly with a link where you can reset your password. If you do not receive this email, check your spam or junk email box. You may also email PickATime directly and request a new password.

I have requested a password be sent to me by e-mail, but the e-mail didn’t arrive.

Requests for new passwords are processed immediately. If you do not receive the new password message, please check your spam or junk email box. If you still do not find it, you can email and ask for a password reset.

When entering my child’s information, I get the message “not able to find student with the values entered”.

You will need your child’s studentID (firstname+lastname) and birthdate. The student ID may use either your child’s formal name or common name, as given in Educate. The student birthdate should be entered in the format mm/dd/yy using 2 digits for each (e.g. 04/12/99). If you continue to have trouble, you can email us at or email pickAtime support at

I’m on the PickATime website. How do I book my appointment from there?
I’m not certain where some of the rooms are located.

The room number will be printed on your schedule.  In addition, Directories have been installed throughout the school, and printed maps will be available.  Note that some conferences may take place in classrooms or offices, other than where the class is taught.

Click here to download a school map with teachers’ rooms.