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The Ursels: Our CA Story

May 05, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Four years ago, when Mackenzie Ursel brought up to her parents, Stacey and Ben, the idea of attending Concordia Academy, it seemed like a long shot. They lived in Stillwater, she was attending the public middle school that ran through 9th grade, summer was more than half over, and the family had never set foot in the CA building.

Flash forward to today, and CA has become a home not only for Mackenzie, a senior, but for her brother, Isaac, a sophomore, and her parents. Below, Stacey, shares their CA story.

After exploring the CA website and scheduling a tour, their decision was surprisingly easy.
We toured CA in August 2016.  Even though we had never been in the building before, there was an overwhelming sense of peace when we stepped inside. Then, on the spot, we just knew this was going to be the place for our daughter’s high school education, and most likely our other children, as well. We made our decision for her to attend by the end of the tour.  

Opportunities and relationships have been big blessings.
CA has been an excellent fit for our two oldest children. Both have been Student Ambassadors, built great relationships with friends and teachers, and flourished in sports. At CA there is the opportunity to be a three-sport athlete if you choose to do so, and the commitment of the coaches is outstanding.  

The opportunities and relationships aren’t just for students.
When I signed up at freshman orientation to help with the spring auction, little did I know that it would become a very big part of my life every year. Helping with CA’s annual auction has allowed me to use my gifts and talents in fun and creative ways. At the same time, it has also allowed me to make some amazing friendships with teachers, staff members, and other CA parents!  

Even in the midst of a pandemic, excellence in education has remained.
At CA, the commitment to students, parents, and excellence in education is amazing.  As a parent of a senior during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I know that the CA staff and teachers have done an incredible job!  They have reached out and personally called each family, they have shared daily devotions, they have stayed connected through social media, and they have been successful at continuing to provide a high quality of education through distance learning.  

Christ is central to CA.
I love the Family Life Groups and chapels at CA. And I am so impressed with the spiritual role models that CA brings to the students’ lives. They lead with godly attitudes in the classroom and in sports and activities.  That is something to be admired!  

#OurCAStory lets families describe, in their own words, how they discovered Concordia Academy and the way the school has impacted their lives. If you’re just discovering Concordia Academy, click here to watch a virtual tour, or connect with us by contacting our admissions office. We’d love to help you create your own CA story!