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The Greene Family: Our CA Story

May 12, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Last fall, when AJ Greene walked in to Concordia Academy for his first day as a freshman, he already felt at home, thanks to participating in camps and admissions events. Below, his mother Victoria describes, in her won words, what led her family to CA, what they love about the school, and the ways Concordia has impacted AJ.

Our children have always been strong student athletes. CA’s basketball camp led us to take a closer look at the school, and our decision to send our son AJ to CA was based on a combination of things. 

During the admissions process, AJ spent a day at CA shadowing another student. He really enjoyed that experience and made a connection to the school. During our tour of the school, as parents, we were able to get an idea of what the environment was like in relation to academics for the students. We were very impressed with the dedication of the staff to help the students achieve their goals academically and prepare them for their futures. 

We were also impressed with the coaching staff. The culture of the coaching appeared to be centered on both athletic development and cultivating leadership principles for the students. CA is a great place to grow and prepare for the next level as a student athlete.

Last but not least, we were highly impressed with Dr. Berner’s passion for leading the school and the faith he has in the students to achieve excellence and change the world around them. 

AJ has had the opportunity to serve the community alongside his peers and see a positive change in the lives of others as a result of their service. He has cultivated many friendships and has made connections with others that are priceless. He has come home excited about many projects and events he’s attended. AJ loves the connection that he has made between academics and his faith. 

And he says that the lunches are really good, too!

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