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College Excitement, Fear, Confusion...and Trust

October 08, 2018
By Kelly Mack

I took my two young daughters to Target in August for back-to-school shopping. I remember standing at the end of an aisle with hushed whispers arguing with my girls over whether we would purchase the glittery notebooks versus the less expensive plain ones. Then, as I noticed a mom and daughter filling a cart with dorm supplies, I realized how in one heartbeat that was going to be me. 

I am not ashamed to admit my children walked out with the glittery notebooks. And a donut.

Parenting forces us to confront what many of us easily proclaim: our trust in God.  But do we really trust Him enough to parent on bended knee and, with open palms, release to Him the ones we love most?

Each year, our seniors walk around with a big question mark hanging over their heads about what they're each going to do next year. Dinner table conversations are had, Google searches are made, and whirlwind college visits are planned as parents and students try to figure out their respective roles in the answer to that question. Ultimately, students are left with a choice only they can make for a future only they will live. It is an incredible time of excitement, fear, and confusion. 

Many of the students who struggle with this decision share with me how they don’t want to make the wrong choice about their future. To them, what to do immediately after high school is something that will either make or break the rest of their lives. And I nod in agreement that this is an incredible decision that they are making, one that should be made with thoughtfulness and deliberation. 

But I also share how we have a God who knows every fear, every risky wish, every logical plan that crosses our heart. A God who doesn’t abandon us no matter what road we chose. A God who takes every right or wrong choice and continues to tell His story with us. 

So, parents and students, be steadfast. Pour over those college applications, conduct the searches, talk to admissions and guidance counselors, attend college preparation events, prayerfully deliberate. But also live with open palms in reminder that, no matter what campus, what base, what mission field each student ends up on, God will walk before them paving His path and breathing life into these world changers.

To help CA students prepare for college, we are offering a College Bootcamp on October 15 and 16. It includes college visits, panel discussions, workshop time for researching and applying to colleges, and more. For more details, email Kelly Mack.

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