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The Christianson Family: Our CA Story

August 17, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Concordia Academy has not only made an impact on Thad Christianson (CA '23), but it's also impacted his family. Below, his mother Kirsten explains how she has learned from our teachers, how the CA community has allowed Thad to grow in many ways, and how our principal, Pastor Tim Berner, sets a tone of wisdom, love, and fun.

How did you find out about CA?
We found out about CA through the Kingsbury Family, close friends of ours. Their oldest son, Noah, started at CA, and we watched him grow and mature under the discipleship of his teachers. The fruit of that discipleship is a close family community that shows in every discipline: academics, arts, STEM, sports, etc. 

What has been the biggest blessing about CA?
I’ve been discipled by a couple of CA teachers, too! Thad is our only child, and so I can become fearful about things that really aren’t things. In the first round of parent-teacher conferences, several teachers helped me better implement our motto of “Stay near and stand back” in ways that serve Thad better. They prayed with me and then checked in afterward. It helped orient me, reminding me that Christ has Thad way more than I ever could. 

How has your child been impacted by CA?
Thad loves CA. He loves everything about it. He has matured in his faith, and he has continued to grow in academics. He has availed himself of sports, friendships, and community life. He has become more of whom I believe God has made him to be. It’s been a joy to watch. I think Thad has been surprised by how much he has embraced CA and the impact that it already has had on him. We are grateful. 

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about CA?
I think most people know this, but I would say that the teachers live what they believe, and they share that with the students. The students are given a gift; they are cared for by the teachers. Also, Pastor Berner leads by example. He is not perfect, but he is faithful, wise, and fun. Thad has benefited from his leadership of the student body. When the top guy loves well, everyone around him will, too. 

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