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April 17, 2020
By Diane Bisping, Learning Specialist

I know that as we progress through this online learning experience, teachers, students, and parents have seen some drawbacks, occasional limitations, frustrations of technology, and a meltdown or two.  But in the midst of all the negatives rises an uncertain, timid, quiet young man who, after some years of struggling academically, is now finding such peace and comfort and success in this style of learning. 

While many of my more-confident students, the ones I expected to rock this experience, are struggling, this student shows up to his Resource session every week with questions, carrying an eagerness to complete the math that has traditionally dogged him this past year.  He comes with all of his postings completed for all of his classes, and he does them well, even knowing what is coming up next.  Suddenly he is standing out, far above many of my other students.   

According to his mother, "He is LOVING this whole online learning thing.  He's totally motivated, and we are seeing a huge difference!"  This comes from a mom who, like many moms at the beginning of the year, found herself teary-eyed, wondering why her boy approaches academics so differently from other students and determined to find the success in her son that she knows is in there, someplace deep.  

I just love how God works.  He's always at work doing good things in the midst of awful things.  He just revels in showing off the unexpected ones, the ones that are hidden in the background, the ones who others have said are behind, lost, or forgotten.  And do you know what else I love about how God works?  He uses people like this student because this young man is humble and not looking for any payoff or promotion.  He doesn't even really want to be noticed. He just wants to be a good guy, doing good things, and feeling good about his progress.  

The staff of Concordia Academy is so lucky for what we get to do and see here on this earth:

  • The students we get to pour into, never really knowing how deep it truly goes. 
  • The truth we get to share with those students. 
  • And the hope we get to live for, that we know lasts for eternity.  

I know I am getting all mushy, but I don't care.  These things touch me at the core and make me want to go to my rooftop and shout out "GOD IS SO GOOD! OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HE IS DOING!  HE IS MAKING IT NEW!  HE IS MAKING IT ALL BRAND NEW!"

Look for it.  Look for the good under all this crummy stuff right now.  It is sitting there simmering, waiting to be noticed. 

Diane Bisping, Concordia Academy's Learning Specialist, oversees CA's Resource Program, designed to create more confident, independent, and motivated learners who will follow the paths that God has purposefully planned for their futures.

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