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Advancing CA's Mission

March 14, 2022
By Kristin Rucks

I first walked through the doors at Concordia Academy as a freshman in 1995. I remember nervously standing at my new locker and watching the veteran students like they were celebrities. As an elementary student at Central Lutheran School, I had watched many of them perform in theater productions, sing with His People, or compete in sporting events. Then, suddenly, I was here and one of them. I was a Beacon.

Now, 23 years after my 1999 graduation, I’m back. As Director of Mission Advancement, I’m still a Beacon, but I'm looking at things from a whole different perspective. As my title implies, I will be helping to advance the mission—to lead, teach, and inspire students to become all that God would have them be. And what an exciting time to jump back in! 

Though much about my alma mater is the same, much has improved. There have been academic innovations, providing exceptional opportunities for students in the classroom, especially in a school of this size. I’m impressed by opportunities like ICE Lab, a Robotics course, Concordia Cohorts and Cohort Conversations, and more than 100 college credits taught live on-campus!

Attending Concordia Academy was integral in my faith journey. I gained knowledge not only through Religion (now Theology) classes but also in every other class, because each teacher taught through the lens of being a Christ-follower. It has been exciting to see unique new programs implemented that complement the continued excellence in teaching and spiritual development: Family Life Groups, the Vision4Life service week, student-led Bible studies, and daily class devotions.

I have also learned that we just finished a five-year strategic plan with all goals met; we are financially stable, and enrollment has increased 27% in those five years. We are now starting a fresh five-year plan which feels like the perfect time to enter into this role as Director of Mission Advancement. What a mission to advance! What a story to tell! 

One thing I love about working in advancement is that it’s a two-way street. I get to tell this story of Concordia Academy, and I want to hear your story, too. Getting to know the individuals who are supporting CA, whether by holding this school up in prayer, working the concession stands, or being involved in countless other ways, helps me to advance our mission in partnership with you. Knowing the alumni who are out there making a difference helps me to see how your stories reflect CA. And if you feel called to support us financially, really knowing you helps me to understand where you’ll feel best about your gift being used. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you or reconnecting with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me via phone or email, and don’t be surprised if you hear from me so we can get to know each other over lunch or coffee. 

Kristin Rucks
Director of Mission Advancement
320-443-3430 (Cell)

P.S. Want to hear a little bit more about my days as a Beacon and why I’m excited about CA’s future? Watch this short video.