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The Abdi Family: Our CA Story

December 10, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Sara Abdi's story about her family's journey to CA starts with a confession and goes on to explain how her son, Khalil, has been able to shine at CA in so many ways. Below, read the Abdi family's story in Sara's own words.

Sara Abdi starts off her family's CA story with a confession. She says that, after hearing about Concordia Academy from friends, "We put off the tour of CA for no good reason for two weeks. Now, I cannot imagine why!" She ultimately discovered much that made her feel that CA would be a great fit for her son Khalil (CA '23), including "the college prep focus, the trust of the CA youth from leadership, and the teachers and staff. It was a great, structured environment that clearly had God as the foundation."

Khalil, who had developed a strong interest in STEM during middle school, has been challenged academically, and he's thrived. Sara explains, "We specifically sought out this caliber of learning for him, but we were a bit surprised by the independence given to thrive and learn. Interesting fact: when we stepped back, our son took the challenge!"

Of course, life at CA is about much more than just academics, and the Christian community at CA has been a blessing to Khalil and his family. "Chapel is not just 'chapel.' There is praise and worship in many musical formats, and the speaker's topics are real!" She adds that Concordia provides students with "a safe space to explore who they are in God and how they will follow Him. CA is very grounded, without feeling overwhelming for our son."

Khalil is now a sophomore, and Sara marvels at his growth. "He entered as a young boy, and we can see the young man growing before us day by day. He is inspired. He is encouraged. He has become steadfast in his faith and identity. CA has provided a foundation to grow and shine. His faith journey is stronger, his academic stamina is mightier, and his social growth and independence are SO awesome to see!"

Khalil is truly shining at CA, much to Sara's delight. "Everyone at CA knows our son, his interests, and our family," Sara says. "It is the modern village we wanted for our son."

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