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Cohort Conversations: More than Just Lunchtime Chatter

September 30, 2019
By Concordia Academy

Perhaps the most exciting academic development at Concordia Academy over the last few years has been the development of our Concordia Cohorts program. Concordia Cohorts offer advanced curricular tracks in STEM, Arts, and Humanities, targeting students that are considering career paths in one of those areas. Rigorous curriculum, summer internships, research projects, and senior capstone projects are all key components.

Beginning this year, a new key piece joins these programs: Cohort Conversations. These Cohort Conversations will provide students with an opportunity to come together with like-minded students during extended lunch periods on specific Fridays to pursue their passion in the areas of STEM, Arts, and Humanities. 

Most Cohort Conversations will include an outside speaker presenting on a topic related to the particular cohort emphasis.  For example, the first month of conversations includes Ria Thurston discussing being owner of a photography business;  Jason Campagna talking about bringing science to life as a manager of the 3M Innovation Center, a place to innovate, collaborate, and experience how to improve every life, every day; and Paul Hillmer, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Concordia University, St. Paul, sharing firsthand knowledge of the importance of personal stories in doing historical research.

Our November conversations kick off with  Marita Meinerts Albinson sharing her experiences in the Contemporary Christian Music industry in Nashville and as the Senior Communications Manager at the world-renowned Guthrie Theater. How exciting that over the span of three Fridays, we'll be connecting our students with key figures at a small arts business, 3M, Concordia University, and the Guthrie! And that's just the beginning!

Although we expect that Friday Cohort Conversations will appeal to students in our STEM, Emerging Artist Curriculum, and Humanities Scholar cohorts, they are open to any student with an interest in the topic being presented. Students don’t need to commit to one of the more demanding cohort tracks in order to engage in these thought-provoking, fun, meaningful conversations. While the Concordia Cohort programs are designed primarily for juniors and seniors, freshmen and sophomores may participate in any (or all) Cohort Conversations. 

Both Concordia Cohorts and Cohort Conversations were developed to inspire and feed the passions of our students while, at the same time, preparing them for and connecting them to the world outside of CA. They are key examples of what CA does best: Honoring God Through Excellence! 

For more details about Concordia Cohorts and a list of upcoming speakers and topics, click here.

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