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Five Tips for Transitioning from Middle School to High School

September 07, 2017
By Sarah Tramm
Student Ambassador with New Freshmen

Change is a word often muddled with connotations of apprehension, sometimes excitement, and definitely, the unknown. We are reminded of change as we breathe in the cool September air. We see it as the shadows become long while the sun sinks down a few minutes earlier than previous days. As Minnesotans, we know that our glorious summers make way for the last hoorah that is the autumn season (even if all we can think about is the loom of winter). The bells began to ring again, lockers received fresh decorations, and squeaky new shoes filled Concordia’s hallways— the school year has begun. Although change can be uncomfortable at times, it is during these times where we truly can experience life and growth.

Here are five tips for parents and students as you transition from middle school years into the high school experience.

  1. Take a deep breath. You’ll get used to the adjustment. Just as our bodies need time to get used to waking up (really) early, making long-lasting, meaningful friendships takes time.
  2. Ask a lot of questions. If you don’t know what time a sporting event is, ask! If you’re not sure of someone’s name, introduce yourself and meet a new friend. Inquiry is a great way to ease confusion and allow for a smooth transition.
  3. Get involved. Join a club, board, or athletic group. Attend parent conferences. Show up to school events and cheer on CA’s athletes! When you are involved, you will become invested—it is YOUR school.
  4. Develop the habit of putting forth effort. Sometimes the right thing to do is also the hard thing. Whether that is toughing it out as the homework starts to hit hard, or having hard conversations with your student, grit through it all. Your perseverance will not be in vain.
  5. Enjoy it. These years go by very quickly, but they will be impactful. This community of believers is special—our hope is not dependent on our circumstances. As we all transition into a new school year, our joy that is found in Christ will make it meaningful.
Freshmen Seminar
Freshmen Seminar Ice Breaker Games

What a blessing it has been for me to watch my Freshmen Seminar classroom fill with students who are excited and perhaps a bit apprehensive about the transition from middle to high school. As we partner together this year, I would encourage you to consider these five tips. We are all in this season of change together! Blessings on you and your families as we walk through unknown and exciting new adventures.


Sarah Tramm, a 2009 Concordia Academy graduate, teaches Freshmen Seminar, a semester-long course designed to help students transition to high school, plan for the future, and develop their God-given strengths and talents.

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