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From Mission Possible to Mission Accomplished

November 22, 2016
By Anika Neuman
Volleyball Team

If you had asked me in late August about the potential of this volleyball team being in the state championship game at the end of the season, if I’m being completely honest, I would have said “no way.” Little did I know, however, that the Lord had something in store for us that would not only lead us to, as we called it, “The Big House,” but also to Mission: Accomplished.

Let’s go back to our very first game at Hill Murray where we started the season out with a loss. I still remember myself and teammate Erin Fallert talking with the coaches afterwards trying to figure out what went wrong. After a long discussion, I said, “we have to remember it’s only our first game. Yes, we were like deer in the headlights, but we can’t change that, what matters now is how we respond.” And let me tell you, we responded well...

The next eleven out of twelve games we came out on top. We were undefeated in conference. We took home the Class 5AA trophy. However, this was no cake walk. We did lose 7 games throughout the season, but with each game we learned something that prepared us for where we would end up, always taking a step forward. Day after day Coach Duis would stress the importance that there was a purpose behind every single ball we touched. Every serve, every pass, every hit, every set; it was the little things that would set us apart. We were dedicated to each other and to the mission of the team.

Although we experienced success throughout the season, we more importantly found success in the why of what we were doing. Every girl on this team understood that it was not about us, but rather it was all about God and His mission for us. During the season we adopted the theme "Mission: Possible," which comes from Matthew 19:26 that says, “Jesus looked at them and said, ‘“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” Our mission was to be beacons of God in all that we did, on and off the court and to carry that role for as long as we could.

This family of 13 women who shared a common goal, who were on a mission for the Lord, and whose middle name was “competitive" will remain in my heart forever. And although we may not have won the state title, we won something far greater: having the opportunity to shine God’s light while playing a game we love. I believe that is a Mission: Accomplished.

Concordia Academy senior Anika Neuman is a member of the Beacons volleyball team. On November 12, the team took second place (for the second year in a row) in Section AA at the Minnesota State Volleyball Tournament.


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