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5 Questions Christian Families Should Ask When Choosing a High School

February 10, 2022
By Chris Roth
private high school enrollment

As a parent, you know that high school will be a critical time in your teen’s life. During these four years, your son or daughter will become more independent, form their own beliefs, and start to live out their values. You want them to be surrounded by positive role models, meaningful friendships, and opportunities to have fun in their final years of grade school. At the same time, college is right around the corner, and planning for the future is at the top of your mind.

You may be wondering if your child’s current school offers the right environment for these ever-important years. As you explore your options and search for the right fit for your family, here are some key questions to ask:

Who will be teaching my child?

The influence that teachers have over their students cannot be overstated. Even teens who look up to their parents will begin searching for additional adult role models with unique life experiences and perspectives. As you explore school options, ask questions about what the administration looks for in teachers. See what you can find out about their beliefs, values, and personal stories, as well as how they invest in their students’ lives. 

What opportunities will my child have to grow in his or her walk with the Lord?

You’ve spent years sharing biblical truth with your child, but you know that they cannot take your faith as their own. You want them to experience spiritual growth and a personal walk with Jesus. This is accomplished by taking Scripture and Life classes, having meaningful discussions with spiritual mentors, worshiping in community with other believers, and serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. 

How will my child be influenced by peers?

No parent can guarantee that their child will never experience negative peer pressure; however, you can talk to school leaders, other parents, and members of the community about the social atmosphere at each school you’re considering. Look for an environment where your child can build authentic friendships based on shared interests, rather than being distracted by popularity contests or unhealthy cliques.

What tools will my child be given to prepare for college?

College admissions are becoming more and more competitive, with the best schools looking for excellence in academics, involvement in extracurricular activities, and evidence of community service. A good high school will have a solid guidance department and advanced curricular opportunities or dual enrollment. There will also be a system in place to help students balance both academic and extracurricular commitments without becoming overwhelmed. 

How will my child be equipped to live in today’s complex world after graduation?

Teenagers have big questions and need to be surrounded by adults who can help them make sense of the world. When biblical truth is integrated into all subject areas and activities at school, students understand how God’s word is living and active, and can be applied to life’s challenges. During a season when so many teens walk away from their faith, developing a strong biblical worldview provides a strong foundation for life beyond high school.

Learn More About Concordia Academy 

Now that you know the questions to ask, we'd love a chance to answer them for you! Please download a copy of our Parent Info Packet to learn more about our Christ-centered high school program, extracurricular opportunities, and college prep. When you’re ready, we’d love to talk with you and help plan your visit to campus. Email us or call 651-796-2679 to set up your tour!

Three Tips for Freshmen Parents to Make the Most Out of CA

September 29, 2016
By Kelly Mack, Guidance Counselor
New Students

As September winds down, the new pencils have been sharpened and resharpened, new school shoes show the wear of steps between classes, and the lined notebooks start to fill with algebraic equations and traits of good writing. The start of each school year is energetic, shiny and new, and filled with potential. But as fall truly hits us with a Beacon breeze, it is good to be reminded of how to continue to live in the potential of each school year. This year in Seminar, freshmen have been in discussion about academic and personal strategies to maximize their four years at Concordia Academy. Today I’d like to share a trio of tips for how parents, too, can make the most out of what Concordia Academy has to offer.

1. Connect

Each school year, we encourage freshmen to step out and make new friends. In fact, making friends is often one of the biggest concerns new students face. With time, we see students navigate to old and new friends in shared classes, activities, family life groups, and athletics. Families, I also encourage you to be intentional about creating a community with each other as your teens experience high school. Introduce yourself when you sit in the bleachers at volleyball games. Show up to events and share what’s happening in life as many of you are facing similar highs and lows with your teens. You, too, are part of the CA community and your students will be in each other’s homes, cars, and lives. It is much more enjoyable when you are all in this together.

2. Be Visible

While your students may voice their desire for independence, they still like to have the security that you are a visible presence in their lives. The demanding schedules of families make it hard to be in all places at once, but trying to connect in purposeful ways each day gives them the stability of a secure presence in you. Make the most of the small opportunities in your day. The car ride home or sitting a few moments longer at the dinner table can provide space for reaching out in conversation.

3. Reach Out

New transitions and change can highlight problems or insecurities from the past. Academic pressures and social dynamics can create feelings of stress and anxiety. Remember that you are not in this alone. Your student is surrounded by teachers and staff members who can not only pray for your student, but can also pray with your student. Together, they can seek a God who cares for even the most trivial problem and can work in even the most difficult situation. You are not alone in that we have many supports designed to meet your students’ needs. Reach out and reach up as you seek to encourage your teens with an everlasting truth.

In Seminar, we discuss how students are given tests or told to take notes in class, but sometimes no one has ever really taught them how to do those things. They are just expected to know. So we spend time in that class going back to basics and learning how to learn. In the same way, you have stepped into the role as parents of high schoolers and, many times, are expected to just know how to do this well.

We all know there is no perfect formula. I encourage you to connect, be visible, and reach out as we work together in the next four years.

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