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Pride In Our Fans

November 19, 2015
By Tim Berner, Principal

Sometimes I wonder if being a “CA lifer” (and the school principal) makes me biased. Our Beacon ladies recently gave us three days of fantastic volleyball as they advanced to the championship game of the State Volleyball Tournament at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. I left that tournament absolutely convinced that our girls and our student fans were by far the most spirit filled, enthusiastic, and overall “classiest” of all the schools represented.

Our students cheered like crazy, but they were all positive cheers; they encouraged our girls, never mocking the other team or their fans. Our fans were respectfully quiet when the other teams served, only to erupt again when we made a great save or hammered home another point. And I smiled with pride when, during the awards presentation, our girls, who had just lost the championship game, showed exceptional sportsmanship by walking over to shake the hands of the opposing team as they received their gold medals. I saw no other losing team do this during the other award ceremonies. But, as I said, perhaps I’m biased.

Or am I?

After Friday night’s game, as I was walking with my family to the parking lot, we happened to end up walking next to a young family with two young girls. The mother, noticing our Beacon clothing, said to me, “So, you’re a Concordia family. I bet you like your school.” “We do,” was my less-than-profound response. “Wow,” she said. “Just seeing your girls and your students cheer, they were awesome. It makes us want to be part of your school!” We talked some more and then eventually parted, with the family saying they’d take me up on my offer to visit CA and watch many of these same girls play basketball.

These parents had told me that they came to the tournament simply to show their girls what good volleyball looked liked. But I know that, because of our students, they left as fans of Concordia Academy.

I’m not biased. Our students are, in fact, awesome!

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