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The Reinhard Family: Our CA Story

July 19, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Because she is an alumna and her parents are longtime supporters, Concordia Academy was already on Jennifer Reinhard's radar when she and her husband Scott began looking for a high school for their oldest son, Benjamin. But those connections didn't necessarily make CA a shoo-in. As she explains below, discovering how the school she already loved had grown and developed over the years made it clear that Concordia Academy was the right place for her children.

When did you first explore CA as an option for your family?  
When it was time for us to choose a high school for our oldest son, we spent time visiting a number of private and charter high schools in person and also had Benjamin shadow at each school. Concordia Academy was one of our choices, not only because of my past affiliation but also because of its current reputation. We believed CA was a good fit for him, but we also wanted to make sure he felt a connection, too.

What led your family to Concordia Academy?  
Concordia brings together a lot of the experiences that you wish for your children as they learn, form friendships, and develop their faith. The combination of a small, caring atmosphere along with rigorous academics and competitive athletic programs were important. We also knew CA was a community, led and supported by people of strong faith.

What made you decide to send your children to CA?
We have always said that we would choose a school based on what we thought was best for each child. Our daughter Katherine had the opportunity to play on the CA high school softball team as an 8th grader and was incredibly blessed by the opportunity in ways far beyond what we could have anticipated. She was so excited to attend CA this year, and we have seen her blossom in her faith and friendships. Our 7th grader is already excited about coming to CA; he decided to play BEAMS (middle school) basketball last winter as a way to meet and connect with other prospective students. He had a wonderful experience with that group of boys, and the alumni coaches were excellent ambassadors for the school and role models for the kids.

What has been the biggest blessing about CA?  From the beginning, it was obvious this school is a community of Christian staff and teachers who care about my children not only as students with a responsibility to learn but also as individuals who have unique and special talents. When Benjamin fractured his skull in 10th grade, he received personal and heartfelt notes from some teachers, a reminder about how much they cared for him during a particularly difficult time. There were so many staff members and teachers who were paying special attention to him in his time of need.

What has been a surprise about CA? While it has always been a Christian school, there is a renewed fire for Christ throughout the CA staff and student body that is inspiring. The CA community puts Christ at the center of their lives, and many are living boldly in and out of school. The chapels have definitely changed since I was a student!

How have your children been impacted by CA?  Concordia Academy has a unique ability to combine learning and faith, where students can challenge, ask questions, and grow as individuals as well as a community of believers. We have seen each of our children develop a strong sense of who they are and mature in their faith. That reinforced confidence is less about what they know and more about their relationship with Jesus. 

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about CA?  It is so easy to have trust and confidence in the staff and administration, for so many reasons. They pray about decisions before acting. They demonstrate a genuine love for Christ, for one another and for their students. They have a strong and vibrant culture that balances learning, fun, and a deeper relationship with God. CA has built on its reputation for excellence by continually improving, staying relevant, and making the school a place where students thrive.

#OurCAStory lets families describe, in their own words, how they discovered Concordia Academy and the way the school has impacted their lives. If you’re just discovering Concordia Academy, click here to watch a virtual tour, or connect with our admissions office to schedule an in-person tour or get more information. We’d love to help you create your own CA story! 

The Greene Family: Our CA Story

May 12, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Last fall, when AJ Greene walked in to Concordia Academy for his first day as a freshman, he already felt at home, thanks to participating in camps and admissions events. Below, his mother Victoria describes, in her won words, what led her family to CA, what they love about the school, and the ways Concordia has impacted AJ.

Our children have always been strong student athletes. CA’s basketball camp led us to take a closer look at the school, and our decision to send our son AJ to CA was based on a combination of things. 

During the admissions process, AJ spent a day at CA shadowing another student. He really enjoyed that experience and made a connection to the school. During our tour of the school, as parents, we were able to get an idea of what the environment was like in relation to academics for the students. We were very impressed with the dedication of the staff to help the students achieve their goals academically and prepare them for their futures. 

We were also impressed with the coaching staff. The culture of the coaching appeared to be centered on both athletic development and cultivating leadership principles for the students. CA is a great place to grow and prepare for the next level as a student athlete.

Last but not least, we were highly impressed with Dr. Berner’s passion for leading the school and the faith he has in the students to achieve excellence and change the world around them. 

AJ has had the opportunity to serve the community alongside his peers and see a positive change in the lives of others as a result of their service. He has cultivated many friendships and has made connections with others that are priceless. He has come home excited about many projects and events he’s attended. AJ loves the connection that he has made between academics and his faith. 

And he says that the lunches are really good, too!

#OurCAStory lets families describe, in their own words, how they discovered Concordia Academy and the way the school has impacted their lives. If you’re just discovering Concordia Academy, click here to watch a virtual tour, or connect with us by contacting our admissions office. We’d love to help you create your own CA story! And to learn more about summer camps at CA, click here.

The Ursels: Our CA Story

May 05, 2020
By Concordia Academy

Four years ago, when Mackenzie Ursel brought up to her parents, Stacey and Ben, the idea of attending Concordia Academy, it seemed like a long shot. They lived in Stillwater, she was attending the public middle school that ran through 9th grade, summer was more than half over, and the family had never set foot in the CA building.

Flash forward to today, and CA has become a home not only for Mackenzie, a senior, but for her brother, Isaac, a sophomore, and her parents. Below, Stacey, shares their CA story.

After exploring the CA website and scheduling a tour, their decision was surprisingly easy.
We toured CA in August 2016.  Even though we had never been in the building before, there was an overwhelming sense of peace when we stepped inside. Then, on the spot, we just knew this was going to be the place for our daughter’s high school education, and most likely our other children, as well. We made our decision for her to attend by the end of the tour.  

Opportunities and relationships have been big blessings.
CA has been an excellent fit for our two oldest children. Both have been Student Ambassadors, built great relationships with friends and teachers, and flourished in sports. At CA there is the opportunity to be a three-sport athlete if you choose to do so, and the commitment of the coaches is outstanding.  

The opportunities and relationships aren’t just for students.
When I signed up at freshman orientation to help with the spring auction, little did I know that it would become a very big part of my life every year. Helping with CA’s annual auction has allowed me to use my gifts and talents in fun and creative ways. At the same time, it has also allowed me to make some amazing friendships with teachers, staff members, and other CA parents!  

Even in the midst of a pandemic, excellence in education has remained.
At CA, the commitment to students, parents, and excellence in education is amazing.  As a parent of a senior during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, I know that the CA staff and teachers have done an incredible job!  They have reached out and personally called each family, they have shared daily devotions, they have stayed connected through social media, and they have been successful at continuing to provide a high quality of education through distance learning.  

Christ is central to CA.
I love the Family Life Groups and chapels at CA. And I am so impressed with the spiritual role models that CA brings to the students’ lives. They lead with godly attitudes in the classroom and in sports and activities.  That is something to be admired!  

#OurCAStory lets families describe, in their own words, how they discovered Concordia Academy and the way the school has impacted their lives. If you’re just discovering Concordia Academy, click here to watch a virtual tour, or connect with us by contacting our admissions office. We’d love to help you create your own CA story!

The Mannings: Our CA Story

April 29, 2020
By Concordia Academy

The Manning family learned about Concordia Academy from family friends, but they were far from certain that it was the place for their son LJ instead of the public school to which they had always planned to send LJ. But now LJ is a freshman at CA and his father, Len, is a Beacon baseball coach. Below, Len describes their journey to CA and how the school is not only a great fit for his son, but for him and his wife, as well.

A couple of years ago, our family found ourselves at a crossroads with faith, ideals, and the political agendas in the public-education environment.  The problem was that this public high school is where LJ’s dad went, where his uncles and aunts went, where his sisters and cousins went, and was where he was destined to go.  His sports, which are very important to him, were all set at the “family” high school he was ready to attend, with all the coaches knowing him.

That was the plan...and it was set.  

Only now do we laugh when thinking about it.  It reminds me of the saying, “If you want to make God laugh...tell Him your plans!” Well, God is laughing now, because in less than two months we went from a guarantee of LJ attending the family tradition to registering for classes at a high school that we knew nothing about two years prior.

I was sitting in an auditorium with my wife, listening to a Catholic speaker talk about how God wants us to give back.  That He wants us to not bury our talents in the ground, but to utilize them in a way that makes God proud, because He was the one who gave us those skills. I truly believe I heard God’s voice that night.  This timing was right in line with the possibility of LJ going to Concordia.

On the drive home that night, I told my wife, “God spoke to me tonight.” She asked me what he said.

I told her, “I think LJ is supposed to go to Concordia, and I think I am supposed to coach there as well.”

We Christians always say, “Trust in God.  Put your lives in His hands, because He knows what is best, even though sometimes it may have seemed as the least-likely thing you may have wanted.” Well, that is the Mannings at CA right now.  We prayed….and then prayed some more about it...and let Him have the last say.

So, we made the leap of faith.  LJ is nearly done with his freshman year, and CA has brought him the understanding that education and his faith in God do not have to be independent of each other.  Both, together, actually make the high school experience more fulfilling. He looks forward to going to school every day and has told us that, “It is really nice that God can be talked about in class as a normal thing.” Both of those things working in unison is what has started LJ’s high school experience with a solid foundation, with three more years to grow in these feelings!

His mother has enjoyed every part of establishing new relationships with her son’s peers, their parents, and school staff. And I never thought that at the age I am, I would make new friendships with a couple of individuals I coach with and that those new friendships would head in the direction of being stronger than ANY in my life thus far. 

The quality of the character of the students I have coached, the friendships with those student athletes, and the relationships to their parents have been second-to-none in all my years of coaching!  Add to this the continued strengthening of a long friendship with the family that introduced us to CA in the first place. 

Look at how it has all come full circle. It is simply the Lord’s work!

#OurCAStory lets families describe, in their own words, how they discovered Concordia Academy and the way the school has impacted their lives.

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