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Concordia Academy offers a variety of music classes for students to discover and develop their gifts and means of expression.  Each music ensemble is designed to explore who God is, who we are as His children, and who we are as a community celebrating life and His creation together.   Students will study and perform music of a variety of styles, periods, and purposes as they work together towards a performance of excellent quality.

Co-Curricular Music Ensembles
  • Chorale (grades 9-12, no audition)
  • Concert Choir (grades 10-12, skill evaluation required)
  • His People (grades 11-12, audition required)
  • Concert Band (grades 9-12, skill evaluation required)
  • Concordia Strings (grades 9-12, skill evaluation required)
Choir at Graduation
Strings at Auction
Christmas Concert
Choir Tour
His People
His People
Concert Choir

Research now supports what Concordia has embraced for decades:

  • -Music training stimulates nearly every region of the brain, strengthening those regions used for complex math and abstract-thinking skills.
  • Students with 1+ year of high school music experience improve their ACT scores: 4% higher on Math and 7% higher on English.