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Creativity is a God-given gift, and the Fine Arts Department offers a place to develop talents in the visual and performing arts with a career emphasis.  This arts-focused curriculum acknowledges and affirms the notion that students headed for a career in the arts need a special program designed with them in mind.

In short, through our "Emerging Artist Curriculum," we are preparing Christians to make their innovative mark on the world through fine arts.

Features of the program
  1. Rigorous core curriculum.  Curriculum path includes the equivalent of 5 years of fine arts (including performance-based credits and academic credits).  Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher in arts curriculum courses.
  2. Participation in at least one fall drama or spring musical.
  3. Internship of 40-hours, compiled in a portfolio for review.
  4.  Independent research project, guided by a faculty mentor, and including field visits to museums or galleries.
  5. Book study with Emerging Artists cohort.
  6. Capstone Project of student work, presented in a portfolio as a capstone project, to be showcased in a public exhibition or performance.

Successful Emerging Artist Curriculum candidates will, upon completion, receive commendation on diplomas and on transcripts, as well as recognition at Concordia Academy’s Honors Convocation.

Key Milestones

Freshman year

  • Enroll in full year of fine arts coursework
  • Produce and compile original work outside of school

Sophomore year

  • Enroll in full year of fine arts coursework
  • Identify faculty mentor
  • Identify topic for independent research project; complete project by graduation
  • Identify timing of involvement with CA drama or musical
  • Produce and compile original work outside of school

Junior year

  • Enroll in full year, plus one semester, of fine arts coursework
  • Secure Internship for summer
  • Propose senior year Capstone; begin working on Capstone pieces
  • Check in on progress in independent research project
  • Begin writing Artist Statement
  • Produce and compile original work outside of school

Senior year

  • Ensure completion of Independent Research Project
  • Turn in completed Internship Portfolio
  • Read Walking on Water:  Reflections on Faith and Art (L’Engle) and Roaring Lambs:  A Gentle Plan to Radically Change Your World (Briner); participate in cohort discussion
  • Enroll in full year, plus at least one semester, of fine arts coursework
  • Complete Capstone Project pieces
  • Public performance or display of Capstone Project
  • Honors Convocation

For more information about our Emerging Artist Curriculum, email coordinator Rebecca Fritz at