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EAC Senior Showcase

The members of Concordia Academy’s 2019-2020 Emerging Artist Cohort present a Senior Showcase in the Becken Conservatory at CA. Join the artists for an opening reception on June 24, 4:00 - 7:00 pm. (Please note that social distancing and 50% room capacity will be monitored.) The exhibit remains open during regular weekday building hours June 25 - July 3.

Lily BassettLILY BASSETT Daily Process
“Daily Process” showcases art that represents the inspiration and views that fuel Lily’s creativity every day. From finished paintings and photographs to actual sketches, you will see how the process of creating art is representative of the artists themselves and can be just as important as the finished work.

Kayla HortonKAYLA HORTON The Power of Words: How Does This Make You Feel?
“The Power of Words” showcases poems and short stories designed to spark a variety of emotions. After reading each piece, an interactive component will allow the readers to share the feelings that have been stirred.

Isaac JonesISAAC JONES Timeline of Portraits
While portraits can show the development of their subjects, this exhibit explores the development of the artist. This chronological presentation of Isaac’s portrait photography not only captures the essence of his subjects, but it also traces his development as a photographer over the last year.

Bridget NelsonBRIDGET NELSON Unstoppable Weirdos
Bridget’s expressive work explores different mediums, allowing intense ­emotions and heartfelt feelings to burst off of the page, or canvas, or wall. The end result is delightful, controlled chaos. But what does it really mean? It’s all up to the ­audience’s perspective. 

Kate OsgoodKATE OSGOOD Trash to Treasure
In “Trash to Treasure,” Kate presents a collection of 3-D pieces made from unconventional ­materials, taking objects that other people might see as junk and creatively transforming them into beautiful, unexpected pieces of art. 

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