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Imagine. Create. Explore.

Our Innovation Lab (or ICE Lab) is a high-tech learning environment, built for students to engage imagination with analytics, and to collaborate with each other guided by our IT specialist.  Students enrolling in the ICE Lab course are imaginative, inventive, curious, and independent thinkers. 

As a hands-on, project-based curriculum, the Innovation Lab is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutting capabilities, and access to highly specialized computer software.  Projects have unlimited potential, drawing students interested in music technology, computer hardware construction, and manufacturing design.  It’s all here in the ICE Lab.

ICE Lab Project Examples from 2016
  • Mixing original music using synthesized tones through Ableton Live software 
  • Studying molecular gastronomy by exploring the spherification of food and creating food items
  • Studying concussion mitigation by doing a 3D scan of a prototype device and working on ways to attach it to a person
  • Assembling a working LINUX computer
  • Developing a device to observe the bottom of lakes by sending remote underwater images
  • Writing songs, mixing instruments, and doing voiceovers for original music 
  • Working extensively with Autodesk 123D and creating original 3D printed objects