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  Name Title Group Contact
Jason Acosta Acosta, Jason Science Head Coaches, Teachers 651-796-2673
Andrew Asp Asp, Andrew Campus Pastor Administrators, Teachers 651.796.2683
Becky Berner Berner, Becky Registrar Administrators 651-796-2691
Tim Berner Berner, Tim Principal Administrators 651-796-2677
Elizabeth Bohren Bohren, Elizabeth Science Teachers 651-796-2657
Dave Boll Boll, Dave Science Head Coaches, Teachers 651-796-2655
Jennifer Carrier-Ryden Carrier-Ryden, Jennifer Nutrition Services Support Staff 651-796-2695
Kelsey Cocchiarella Cocchiarella, Kelsey Director of Admissions & International Enrollment Administrators 651-796-2679
Michelle Connolly Connolly, Michelle Study Hall Support Staff
Chris DeWuske DeWuske, Chris Technology Administrator Administrators, Teachers
Kim Duis Duis, Kim Director of Finance Administrators, Head Coaches 651-796-2678
Kim Dunn Dunn, Kim Yearbook, Business, Math, Seminar Teachers 651-796-2661
Bruce Felt Felt, Bruce Band Teachers 651-796-2664
Lusienie Fofana Fofana, Lusienie Custodian Support Staff 651-796-2708
Gary Fritz Fritz, Gary Theology, Social Studies Teachers 651-796-2662
Rebecca Fritz Fritz, Rebecca Music Teachers 651-796-2663
Rachel Gee Gee, Rachel Strings Teachers 651.796.2705
Rachelle Goldenman Goldenman, Rachelle ASL Teachers
Rebecca Hed Hed, Rebecca Art Teachers
James Henderson Henderson, James Girls Basketball Head Coaches
Rose Hexum Hexum, Rose Front Desk Administrative Assistant Support Staff 651.796.2707
Colleen Inwards Inwards, Colleen Spanish Teachers 651-796-2685
Josephine Johnson Johnson, Josephine Math Teachers
Kaylie Kopp Kopp, Kaylie Dance Head Coaches
Kelly Mack Mack, Kelly Director of Academics and Guidance Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2669
Sarah Masek Masek, Sarah English Teachers 651-796-2701
John Moore Moore, John Social Studies Teachers
Sara Neel Neel, Sara Theatre Director Teachers 651.796.718
Rosalyn Obando Obando, Rosalyn Non-Public School Counselor Support Staff
Clara Paul Paul, Clara Math Teachers
Marc Paul Paul, Marc Theology Head Coaches, Teachers 651-796-2672
Chris Roth Roth, Chris Director of Communications, Art Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2680
Kristin Rucks Rucks, Kristin Director of Mission Advancement Administrators 320-443-3430
Eric Schutte Schutte, Eric Boys Basketball, Baseball Head Coaches
Lisa Sell Sell, Lisa Director of Alumni and Events Administrators, Support Staff 651-796-2676
Hollie Sookhai Sookhai, Hollie Director of Nutrition Services Support Staff 651-796-2695
Baeza Tensaie Tensaie, Baeza Strength Training Coach Head Coaches
Courtney Thompson Thompson, Courtney Girls' Soccer Head Coaches
Ria Thurston Thurston, Ria Director of Admissions Support Staff 651-796-2679
Gina Tupper Tupper, Gina Resource Program Head Coaches, Teachers 651-796-2656
Connie Voss Voss, Connie Athletic Office Manager Support Staff 651-796-2682
Bob Wolf Wolf, Bob Physical Education, Health Head Coaches, Teachers 651-796-2688
Sarah Wurdeman Wurdeman, Sarah English Teachers 651-796-2704