Jesus calls people into his family. ThisDSC_2741b family of faith is why, as a Lutheran school, Concordia Academy exists. Parents, students, teachers, and administrators have come together to create a high school experience anchored in this reality of family. Being brothers and sisters in Christ informs and transforms everything that happens in the classroom, hallways, athletic fields, and beyond the school day. In all things and at all times we are to love one another, protect one another, celebrate the unique gifts of each other, and seek to bring out the best in each other. While CA, like any family, is not perfect, our students are incredibly kind and loving to each other, our teachers’ sincere love of their students is evident to all, and the administration works closely with parents in real partnership.


The entire CA community gathers together for chapel twice a week. During this time our God speaks through the proclamation of his Word and we respond in prayer and hymns and songs of worship. We are a people gathered around God, built up in Him, and commissioned by Him to go forth and Honor Him in all that we do.

That you may with one mind and one mouth glorify God –Romans 15:6


Vision4Life is Concordia Academy’s award-winning, character-building, and service-learning program. The program centers on an intensive two-day experience. On the first day, the female students and teachers participate in a day of seminars, small group discussions, and other experiences designed to help them explore what it means to be a Godly woman in today’s society. On this first day, our male students and teachers spend the day serving at a wide variety of service projects throughout the metro area. On the second day the females participate in service projects while the male students and teachers explore the characteristics of a Godly man. This intensive two-day experience lays a foundation that is build on throughout the school year.

The Character Education Partnership (CEP) named CA’s Vision4Life program a state and national award winner for “Promising Practices” in character education.


Laughter, the goofiness of teenagers, smiles, and hugs are a part of daily life at Concordia Academy. Friendships formed in this safe, loving atmosphere are often friendships that last a lifetime. As a current student shared, “The kids are great here, everyone is so nice, it really is like a family.” Her mother adding, “My daughter has the kind of friends that I always dreamed she would have.” A Christ-centered school allows students to be free with one another, real with one another; it allows them to accept, enjoy, and love one another as Christ has loved them.

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