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Concordia Academy Summer Camps help students in Grades 3-12 use their talents to shine while they learn together, strengthen skills, build relationships, and make new friends. Get ready to dance, run, shoot, score, design, investigate, photograph, repair, act, pitch, bat, lift, explore, worship...and have an absolute blast! At CA, we are committed to Honoring God Through Excellence, and our camps are no exception.

All camps are held on the Concordia Academy campus, located at 2400 North Dale Street in Roseville, just north of Highway 36 & Dale St.

We're offering more camps than ever before in 2017, including arts, athletics, and STEM camps for students in Grades 3-12. Note: The D3SIGN FOR 3D camp for July 17-21 has reached capacity and is now closed. The July 10-14 session remains open.

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Arts Camps

Boys & Girls Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
Director Sara Neel (
Get ready to think on your feet! This camp is full of fast-paced, improvisational, creative games and exercises that will enhance performance and teamwork skills. Students will practice responding calmly, creatively, and quickly to a variety of unexpected situations. Sara Neel, CA’s drama director, will lead you through this script-free, crazy theatrical experience.

Boys & Girls Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
Director Sara Neel (
Summer is a great time to act up a little bit! Led by Sara Neel, CA’s theatre director, this camp focuses on the fundamentals of theatre. Theatre games and exercises will stretch the voice, body, and mind. Students will also be introduced to a script, create characters, and prepare for a theatrical presentation on the final day. 

Boys & Girls Entering Grades 3-9  |  $80
Come create with Denise Lau, CA’s American Sign Language teacher and a former art teacher!  Each day will focus on different art mediums and methods. Come and learn about different ways to paint, paper craft, use thread and fibers, and work with various types of clay.  You will have lots of fun projects to bring home. 
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 7-10  |  $80
Due to a scheduling conflict, this camp has been canceled. An art camp for boys and girls entering Grades 3-9 is still available July 17-21.
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
Do you have a passion for taking pictures?  This camp will be the perfect way to explore your own personal vision and create a collection of original photographs. We will cover basic camera functions, composition techniques, portraiture, landscape, and some editing basics in Adobe Photoshop. Each day, you will be exposed to new photographic concepts to stimulate creativity through two to three different activities.  Daily photo assignments will keep campers clicking outside of our class time.   Be stimulated, be challenged, and have a lot of fun exploring photography with Kim Dunn, CA’s photojournalism instructor!  Note: Students should provide their own point and shoot camera or DSLR. 
Boys & Girls  Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
By bringing together young students with music teachers and worship leaders, participants will learn the art of leading worship and improve performance skills.  Highlights include performance basics of drums, keyboard, vocals, or strings; spiritual teachings; and composing instruction. Campers will finish the week leading a worship event and feeling challenged and excited to pursue the dreams that God has given them. This camp is led by Dean and Jyl Dunavan. Dean is a Scripture teacher at CA and Jyl is the music director for CA musicals. They are also worship leaders at Woodbury Lutheran Church - Oak Hill Campus. Note: Space is limited, so register early! 

Athletics Camps

Boys Entering Grades 3-9  |  $80
Coach Eric Schutte (
Two-time Section 4AA Basketball Coach of the Year Eric Schutte, the Beacons head coach since 2003, will encourage, train, and build confidence in participants, assisted by other members of the coaching staff and CA players. The camp will include fundamentals instruction, drills to improve skills, and games. 
Girls Entering Grades 3-8  |  $80
This camp focuses on fundamental skill building, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Beacons Girls Basketball head coach Marc Paul and CA players will offer training and encouragement while building confidence. Campers can expect a fun environment as they learn the game and skills of basketball and develop in their abilities to contribute to their teams in the winter. 
Girls Entering Grades 3-9  |  $80
Coach Kaylie Bisping  (
Get a week-long glimpse into the world of dance, learning alongside the Concordia Academy Dance Team (CADT). Participants will have the opportunity to learn jazz, kick, basic dance technique, and pom technique while also being taught ways to strengthen their bodies and enhance flexibility. Campers will learn a routine that will be performed with CADT at the Roseville Rosefest Parade on Monday, June 26. No previous dance experience is necessary. 
Girls Entering Grades 3-9  |  $80 
(Cost is only $65 if also attending June Dance Camp)
Coach Kaylie Bisping (
This camp focuses on kick and basic jazz techniques used by Minnesota dance teams. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn ballet technique and some hip hop moves. Ways to further strengthen bodies and increase flexibility will be explored.  On Friday, a performance will be held for campers’ families. This camp will be led by CADT coaching staff, assisted by CADT team members and alumni.  No previous dance experience necessary.
Boys Entering Grades 5-8  |  $50
Boys Entering Grades 9-12 |  $30
The fundamentals of football, including blocking, form tackling, footwork, and ball skills will be emphasized in this middle school camp. Students will also receive instruction on special teams (including punting, kicking, and long-snapping), position work, and team competitions. At the same time, high school students will prepare for the upcoming season. Current CA football coaching staff will coach these camps, led by CA head football coach Bob Wolf. 
Boys & Girls Entering Grades 7-12  |  $60
Designed for players of all skill levels, CA’s soccer camp will match players according to their age and ability, with emphasis placed on the positive mental attitude necessary in performing soccer specific skills. Instruction will cover multiple topics and will stress techniques over tactics, including dribbling and foot skills, passing, shooting, heading, trapping, and speed training. Proper athletic clothes should be worn; shin pads will be mandatory. Campers should bring a soccer ball and water each day. 
Concordia Academy Girls Entering Grades 9-12  |  $30
This camp is designed to build connections between CA players and coaches for the following season. Athletes will learn drills and terminology used within the program. The varsity pre-game will be taught, as well as skills to perform the drills correctly. Each session will end with a competition.  CA coach Gina Tupper leads the camp.
Girls Entering Grades 7-12  |  $35
This camp is designed for athletes working towards the position of pitcher as a primary focus. Beginners will learn the fundamental form of pitching a fastball, while players with more advanced pitching experience will learn form and drills to pitch a fastball to location and increase speed.  Additional pitches, such as the change-up, rise, and drop, may also be worked on with more advanced pitchers.  It is recommended that pitchers bring a catcher for each session. CA coach Gina Tupper leads the camp.
Girls Entering Grades 3-8  |  $70
Softball Coach Gina Tupper (
Summer and softball are the perfect combination! Campers will learn basic skills in throwing, fielding, hitting, bunting, sliding, and pitching.  The camp will be conducted by Gina Tupper, head Coach of CA’s softball team, the 2016 Section 4AA champions.
Girls Entering Grades 6-8  |  $100
This camp introduces younger players to the complex skills of volleyball and helps them improve their overall game, focusing on passing, attacking, and playing lots of games. This camp will be led by CA’s head volleyball coach, Kim Duis, the 2015 Section 5AA Coach of the Year and coach of the 2016 State Class AA 2nd place team. Other members of the coaching staff will also be helping with the camp. 
Concordia Academy Girls Entering Grade 9 |  $100
This camp will provide an opportunity for CA volleyball players to increase their knowledge and practice in specific skills.  It will prepare athletes in a competitive environment, and they will get to know the coaching staff and their expectations for the upcoming season.

Concordia Academy Girls Entering Grades 10-12 | $100
Coach Kim Duis (
This camp will provide an opportunity for CA volleyball players to increase their knowledge and practice in specific skills.  It will prepare athletes in a competitive environment, and they will get to know the coaching staff and their expectations for the upcoming season.

Boys: 8:00 - 10:00 am | Girls: 9:00 - 11:00 am
Students Entering Grades 7 & 8  |  $50        
Students Entering 9-12  |  $30
Weight room training includes speed, lifting, core conditioning, and stretching in CA’s expansive weight room. A variety of trained supervisors will assist in instruction and help participants develop proper techniques.

STEM Camps

Students Entering Grades 7-11  |  $80 
Future drivers or new drivers, start off summer with your head under the hood! Spend part of the week focusing on vehicle engines (oil changes, brake inspection, cooling systems, fluids, and tune ups). Then you’ll shift to auto bodies, including how to fix dents, deal with rust, and take care of any minor body repairs. You will be provided with car maintenance and repair materials, but bring a notepad, a pair of work gloves, and protetive eyewear. This camp will be led by CA teacher and head football coach Bob Wolf, who will also welcome some professional mechanics throughout the week. Note: Space is limited, so register early! Registration deadline for this camp is June 1.
Students Entering Grades 6-9  |  $80 
Who did it? During CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Camp, students will be presented with a “crime scene” and have the week to successfully identify the “criminal.” Students will solve the crime by observing, collecting, and documenting evidence and using forensic techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, blood typing, fingertip fingerprinting, ballistics, dental impressions, and more! The investigation will be led by Mrs. Elizabeth Bohren, a CA science teacher and coordinator of our STEM2 program.
Students Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
NOTE: Both sessions have reached capacity and are now closed. If you would like to be put on a waiting list,  email Hal Schmidt at In this introduction to the amazing and rapidly expanding world of 3D printing, participants will learn the fundamentals of designing and creating objects on the computer. The items will then be printed for the students to keep.  Students will also learn about different types of materials used in 3D printing. Hal Schmidt, CA’s technology coordinator and Innovation Lab instructor, will lead this camp. Note that this one-week camp is offered twice. Choose one of the two weeks. 
Students Entering Grades 5-9  |  $80
NOTE: BOTH SESSIONS HAVE REACHED CAPACITY AND ARE NOW CLOSED.  If you would like to be put on a waiting list, email Hal Schmidt at fabrication is laser fabulous! Harness the power of a 100 watt CO2 laser as we cut, etch, and engrave wood, plastic, and metal.  Show off your newly-learned skills by creating designs on computers, making extensive use of an industrial laser, and bringing home the awesome items that you fabricate.  Hal Schmidt, CA’s technology coordinator and Innovation Lab instructor, will lead this camp. Note that this one-week camp is offered twice. Choose one of the two weeks. Space is limited, so register early! 
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