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Creativity in visual arts offers a meaningful way for students to express their thoughts, feelings, and appreciation for God’s creation. Art classes at Concordia Academy are designed to give students opportunities for that expression while growing in skills, learning new techniques, and gaining confidence.

High school classes, which include instruction in a variety of media, include:

  •             Fundamentals of Art
  •             Intermediate Art
  •             Advanced Art
  •             Select Studio

In addition, CA offers the following college-level art classes on campus:

  •             Intro to Drawing
  •             Digital Photography
  •             Graphic Design
  •             Ceramics

Major displays of student work are a key piece of Christmas and spring concerts. Students also participate in the Tri-Metro Fine Arts Festival and the District 4A Art Festival. The academic year for students in the college classes culminates with a major exhibit at the Concordia Galleries of Concordia University, St. Paul.

Tri-Metro Art Festival
College Art Exhibit
Tri-Metro Art Festival
Advanced Art
Bethany College High School Invitational
College Art Exhibit