Concordia Academy-Roseville originated in 1893 as the high school of Concordia College, St. Paul. In 1967 the Academy merged with St. Paul Lutheran High School (SPL) which originated in 1959. The two schools merged as Concordia Academy at the current site of 2400 North Dale St. in Roseville MN, serving the Twin Cities area. Three additional building campaigns expanded the original building into the beautiful private high school campus enjoyed today.

Concordia Academy-Roseville is affiliated with The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod .

“This project has always seemed of great importance to me because it tends to combine religious training with a fine academic education. To my mind, both of these objectives become increasingly important in our present economic society.”

H.P. Buetow
President, The 3-M Company

“For the many other boys and girls who do not have full time church work in view, there must also be an opportunity to receive a Christian high school education in an excellent school.”

Rev. Wm. O. Poehler, PhD.
President, Concordia College

“These revealed truths become more firmly rooted and enriching when they are made the focal point of all classroom teaching, especially during the impressionable years of our youth.”

W. F. Rogosheske
Associate Justice Minnesota Supreme Court

“The ideas, thinking, and decisions experienced and made at this formative time in life are not only carried into adulthood, but actually largely help to determine the kind of adults, and eventually parents, we are likely to be.”

Paul A. Schilling
Chairman of the Board
Waldorf Paper Products, St. Paul, MN

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