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  Name Title Group Contact
Sarah Adams Adams, Sarah Director of Admissions and Outreach Administrators 651-796-2679
Andy Audette Audette, Andy Theology Teachers
Rayna Bailey Bailey, Rayna School Nurse Support Staff 651-796-2687
Becky Berner Berner, Becky Registrar Administrators 651-796-2691
Tim Berner Berner, Tim Principal Administrators 651-796-2677
Diane Bisping Bisping, Diane Resource Program Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2656
Elizabeth Bohren Bohren, Elizabeth Life Science Teachers 651-796-2657
Dave Boll Boll, Dave Science Teachers 651-796-2655
Renata Brand Brand, Renata Food Service Assistant Support Staff 651-796-2695
Brian Brown Brown, Brian Social Studies, Athletic Director Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2681
Erin Cronin Cronin, Erin English Teachers 651-796-2701
Kim Duis Duis, Kim Finance Manager Administrators 651-796-2678
Dean Dunavan Dunavan, Dean Theology Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2684
Kim Dunn Dunn, Kim Yearbook, Business, Resource Room Teachers 651-796-2661
Bruce Felt Felt, Bruce Instrumental Music Teachers 651-796-2664
Lusiene Fofana Fofana, Lusiene Custodian Support Staff 651-796-2708
Gary Fritz Fritz, Gary Theology, Social Studies Teachers 651-796-2662
Rebecca Fritz Fritz, Rebecca Music Teachers 651-796-2663
Sofia Humphries Humphries, Sofia Director of Admissions and Specialty Enrollment Administrators 651-796-2703
Colleen Inwards Inwards, Colleen Spanish, Social Studies Teachers 651-796-2685
Rick Kuhlman Kuhlman, Rick Math Teachers 651-796-2667
Denise Lau Lau, Denise Sign Language, ICE Lab Teachers 651-796-2705
Lauri Laughlin Laughlin, Lauri Food Service Director Support Staff 651-796-2695
Kelly Mack Mack, Kelly Director of Academics and Guidance Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2669
Marc Paul Paul, Marc Theology, Health Teachers 651-796-2672
Sarah Pieper Pieper, Sarah Dance Teachers 651-796-2706
Chris Roth Roth, Chris Art, English, Director of Communications Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2680
Hal Schmidt Schmidt, Hal Technology Coordinator Administrators, Teachers 651-796-2671
Lisa Sell Sell, Lisa Student and Alumni Coordinator Administrators, Support Staff 651-796-2676
Sarah Tramm Tramm, Sarah English Teachers 651-796-2704
Bruce Urban Urban, Bruce Science, Math Teachers 651-796-2673
Cindy Urban Urban, Cindy Math Teachers 651-796-2674
Rebekah Vincent Vincent, Rebekah English Teachers 651-796-2683
Connie Voss Voss, Connie Athletics and Administrative Assistant Support Staff 651-796-2682
Bob Wolf Wolf, Bob Physical Education, Health, Theology Teachers 651-796-2688
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